City Gentleman Feels Sympathy for His Old Friend

(Part 2)

Sterling was a tosser.
Sterling was a snide.
I told him that I liked him
But must confess I lied.

A City Gentleman Is Unable to Spare Any Change

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Poem Study Notes:

This is the long-awaited sequel to City Gentleman Feels Sympathy For His Old Friend (Part 1).

Finally the City Gentleman reveals his true colours, though of course the words are only spoken inside his own head ... because the City Gentleman never really tells anyone what he thinks of you (or of anyone) ... he inhabits the world of the conference call, where everybody is a team-player and human nature is reduced to a jargon-shell.

Who is the City Gentleman? Is he the Smug Professional from a poem by the same author? Is he the poet himself? Perhaps the poet once was the City Gentleman / Smug Professional, but managed to escape that persona? Or perhaps this is something the poet aspires to ... We will never know the answers (since even the poet doesn't know) ...