Elvis in Middle-Earth

In Middle-Earth the people
Sing Elvis songs
All day

Oops, I mean Elvish….

Elvis croons and gyrates to the elves

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Poem Study Notes:

When forced to express a preference for any of the scribblings on this website, the poet's friends often plump for this short effort.

I wonder if Tolkien would have liked it.

Or Elvis, for that matter.

This poet's favourite short poem based on a good, solid pun is Spike Milligan's '2B or Not 2B'.

When the weak pun, on which this poem is based, first occurred to the poet he had an idea to write a full-length Tolkienesque saga in which Elvis really does pop along to Middle-Earth and Mordor and croon and gyrate the orcs into submission. But writing something like that sounded like a lot of hard work, especially given that the end-product most likely wouldn't be very good, so instead the poet opted for a quick four-liner, which took about three minutes to write. This poet's motto is "If you don't work very hard at something, then criticism won't hurt so much..."